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   Requirements for the Issuance of a New Commercial Fishing Vessel

     1. Duly accomplished BFAR application for fishing vessel license;

     2. Two (2) copies of 8"x10" vessel picture showing the port, starboard and name of the vessel

     3. Grid map indicating the proposed fishing ground/s;

     4. Original or authenticated photocopy of the following:

           a.Certificate of Vessel Registry (CVR);

           b.Certificate of ownership (CO); and

           c.Current Certificate of Inspection (CI).

     5. Approved Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws for corporation, the primary or secondary purpose of which is to engage in fishing, or business name registration,       
         certificate for single proprietorship or partnership to accompany the first vessel of the applicant to be licensed; and

     6. Fishing logbook for catcher vessel for registration and approval by BFAR upon payment of registration fee of fifty pesos(P 50.00)

   Requirements for the Issuance of Gear License

     1. Duly accomplished BFAR registration forms for gear license (2 copies);

     2. Drawing of gear design and its specifications, showing the mouth body and bunt/bag of the fishing gear;

     3. Official Receipt of CFVL fee; and

     4. Official Receipt of Fishing Gear Registration (FGR) fee.

   Application and Registration Fees

       The Application of Commercial Fishing Vessel License (CFVL) and the registration of the fishing gear (RFC) shall be Four Hundred (P400.00) pesos and Two Hundred 
       (P200.00) pesos, respectively, payable to the Bureau which is      non-transferable and non-refundable.

   License and Registration Fees

      The annual license fee shall be payable to the Bureau in accordance with the following rates:

   A. For Commercial Fishing Vessel License

     1. For vessels of 3.1 to P200.00 + P2.00/GT 20.0 gross tons or a fraction thereof

     2.For vessels of 20.1 P250.00 + P2.00/GT to 50.0 gross tons or a fraction thereof

     3. For vessels of 50.1 P300.00 + P2.00/GT to 100.0 gross tons or a fraction thereof

     4. For vessels of 100.1 P500.00 + P3.00/GT to 125.0 gross tons or a fraction thereof

     5. For vessels of 125.0 P1, 000.00 + P 3.00/GT to 150.0 gross tons or a fraction thereof

     6. For vessels of 150.1 P1, 500.00 + P3.00/GT to 250.0 gross tons or a fraction thereof

     7. For vessels of 250.1 P2, 500.00 + P4.00/GT and above or a fraction thereof

   B. Gear License

     1. Small-scale commercial fishing P200 per year

     2. Medium-scale commercial fishing P400 per year

     3. Large-scale commercial fishing P600 per year

   Cash Bond Deposit for Fishing Vessel

     Before a license is issued, the applicant, as guaranty of good faith and for satisfactory compliance with the terms and conditions of the license, shall post a cash bond deposit
     to the Bureau which shall be non-transferable in accordance with the following rates:

        . For vessels of 3.0 to 20 GT P250.00

        . For vessels of 20.1 to 50 GT P350.00

        . For vessels of 50.1 to 75 GT P450.00

        . For vessels of 75.1 to 100 GT P550.00

        . For vessels of 100.1 to 150 GT P650.00

        . For vessels of 150.1 to 250 GT P750.00

        . For vessels of 250.1 to 500 GT P850.00

        . For vessels of 500.1 GT and above P950.00

   Requirements for International Fishing Permit and Certificate of Clearance

     1. Must be an owner/operator of a Commercial Fishing Vessel, duly issued with CFVGL;

     2. Letter of intent to fish in international waters;

     3. Duly accomplished BFAR application forms;

     4. Original copy of CFVGL;

     5. Application fee of P1, 000.00; and

     6. Permit fee of P1, 500.00


     For more inquiries call Mr. Lorenzo dela Cruz, Licensing Officer at (072) 242-1559 or 09163782345.