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     Requirements for Boarding Formalities (Foreign Vessel)
         I. Pre-Arrival Requirements
                   The arrival notice shall contain the following information:
                        1. Name of Vessel
                        2. Registry number of the vessel
                        3. Accreditation number of the vessel, if already accredited;
                        4. LOA/DRAFT;
                        5. Estimated time of Arrival (Date and Hour);
                        6. Hours should be in military form:
                        7. Exact coordinates of the vessel when notice was transmitted;
                        8. Name and nationality of the Skipper or Boat Captain;
                        9. Number, name and nationality of crewmen on board;
                      10. Volume of catch of species, fishing areas and exact coordinates;
                      11. Nature of sickness and/or injuries of crew, if there is any, and;
                      12. Emergency or security assistance, if needed;

           Berthing and Boarding Formalities

               To expedite the processing of the boarding formalities, the vessel's skipper shall produce the following documents:

                       1. Outward Foreign manifest of its Last Port of Call;
                       2. Ship's particulars;
                       3. Crew list;
                       4. Maritime Declaration of Health and valid Deratting Certificates;
                       5. Seaman's Book and/or Passports of Crew
                       6. Cargo manifest; and
                       7. Miscellaneous listings.

For more inquiries, kindly contact Mr. Orlando Lagoy, Quarantine Officer at (072) 242-1559 or 09194885481.