DAGUPAN CITY – A beached Risso's dolphin died in Cariaz Island at the Hundred Islands National Park after two weeks of treatment and rehabilitation by the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources. Dr. Samantha Licudine, BFAR's veterinarian, said the dolphin, named "Paloma" by the BFAR technical personnel, was brought to the agency's facility in Lucap, Alaminos City, on July 31, by employees of Labrador Local government unit.

She said the LGU employees tried to bring the dolphin back to the sea, but always returned to the beach. he 9.5 foot-long, 200 kilo female dolphin was emaciated, had foul breath, and would roll on its side and could not balance itself. "We thought she would die in a day or two," Licudine said. But since it was already eating after more than a week in a tank at the station and her harness was removed, it was decided that she would be transferred to the Cariaz Island where the BFAR maintains cages for fish production.

"We decided to bring it to a deeper area so it can adopt to its natural environment. On Sunday, August 13, we brought it to the island. But when we reached the island, it vomited all the squid that it ate. We thought it got nauseaus with the boat ride," she said.The Cariaz Island is about 20 minutes from Lucap by motor boat. The BFAR technical people would bring it from the cage to the open water to train it to swim, but it just floated .

At 4:36 in the morning of Tuesday, it died. Found in its stomach was a brown rubber measuring 11/2 foot and about four inches thick. Samantha said the rubber could have been the cause of the sea creature's death. Risso's dolphins' main food are squid, and the dolphin could be thinking that the rubber was a squid and
swallowed it, Licudine said.




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