It was supposed to be an ordinary workshop day for the participants on the workshop on writing skills enhancement and photojournalism. But things turned out to be different and exciting because our resource speakers EV Espiritu and Yolanda Sotelo, tasked us to go outside the venue and capture some "decisive moments" images.

I was one of the participants who had the opportunity to roam around the city and take photos. One of the places we visited was the Fisherman's Village in the Fishermen's Village in San Fernando City.

The Fishermen's Village, located in the coastal Barangay of Poro, is a half hectare property which could accommodate 97 housing units. It was established by the city government during the term of former Mayor Mary Jane Ortega to relocate fishermen from Ilocanos Sur (64 families) and Ilocanos Norte (28 families) and Poro (five families). As our team approached the area, we were greatly surprised by the scene of a father and son sitting at the facade, knitting their scope nets together. It was like a warm welcome for all of us, the image reflected the life routine of the residents there during afternoon. We had a short conversation with them, and soon after we entered the village.

As we are entering the place, we saw groups of people busy doing their own activities. Basically, the village depicted a picture of a simple community composed of children who never get tired of playing, women who were washing their clothes and men who were preparing their nets and other fishing gears.

The village has a small basketball court also located beside a river where teenagers and children spend their leisure time. At the back of the village, we saw groups of people resting in "Kalapaw," a resting lounge for fisherfolk. We also witnessed a man busy sharpening a customized hook to be used in his fishing activity for the next day, and a group of teenagers near the estuary helping their parents in preparing fishing paraphernalia. My team decided to walk further and we met a 78-year old man polishing a propeller. We learned that aside from fishing, he also makes propellers for a living.

After hearing his story, we decided to go back in the "Kalapaw" and interview the fisherfolk resting there.We heard their struggles, sentiments and their expectations from the
government. Our short conversation with them was informative and worthwhile. Then we decided to wave goodbye to them and go back to the office. As we were about to leave the place, the children happily waved goodbye to us.

A day in the life of Fisherman's Village was not just an ordinary day for all of us. It was an amazing experience. Their warm accommodation and simple act of kindness were so touching. We did not only capture decisive pictures; we also captured their life stories and their way of living as well.



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