Every quarter, fishery industry stakeholders from the four provinces of Ilocos Region meet for a day. This is during the Fishery Industry Fora sponsored by the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources which is already on its eight year. The fora are attended not only by those directly engaged in producing fish, but also those who manufacture and supply inputs like commercial feeds, boat makers, and fertilizers, and those in marketing of fish both locally and internationally.

During the fora, fisheries stakeholders meet, such as aquaculture operators, commercial fishing vessel operators, marketers, feed manufacturers, and fish processors. The BFAR also invites different government agencies which can help the fishermen in improving their ventures, like the Department of Trade and Industry, the Department of Labor and Employment, and others.

Banking institutions like the Land Bank of the Philippines are also invited to inform the fisherfolk of loans that are available to them, and encourage the fisherfolk to avail of such so they can buy the equipment and materials that they would use in improving their aquaculture businesses.

It is during the fora that new laws and regulations are announced so that all those engaged in fishing, both aquaculture and capture, would be aware of them.Newly-developed technologies are also shared to the participants.But most importantly, the fora afford the fishery stakeholders to meet each other and share their experiences and secrets on why they succeed and even why they fail in their ventures. "There are technical know how in the aquaculture business, and during the forum, the aquaculture
operators can share with each other the technology that they have developed," BFAR Regional Director Nestor Domenden said.

"You may not know it, but it could turn out that someone in the forum is the one whom you need, the one who can provide opportunities for you, someone who can supply the equipment or whatever fishing material you are looking for," he said. During the 34th fishery forum in Lingayen on July 20, Domenden encouraged the fishery
operators to come up with an idea that would make fish saleable even to children. "We should process fish into something that is attractive to children, the way Jollibee is able to sell chickens, as we know that fish is much healthier for humans than meat," he said.

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