The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Region I presented the "Status of Small Pelagic Resources in Lingayen Gulf" during the National Stock Assessment Program (NSAP)Conference v2 on September 3, 2014 in General Santos City.

While the conference was titled "All About Tuna,"
researches on other species that are indirectly related to tuna were also presented.

Francis Greg A. Buccat, NSAP assistant project leader, stressed how the small pelagic resources in Lingayen Gulf was experiencing "growth overfishing" (fish is caught before maturity) because of commercial fishing gears Danish seine and trawl.
This small pelagic species are the Decapetus maruadsi and Decapterus macrosoma (galunggong), Rastrelliger brachysoma (gasa-hasa), Rastrelliger kanagurta alumahan), Mene maculata (sapatero), Selar species (mataan), Stolephorus species (dilis) and Caseio species (dalagang-bukid) and other small fish species that inhabit the water column.He said these small pelagics are unsustainably caught in Lingayen Gulf.

Rosario Segundina P. Gaerlan, assistant regional director and NSAP project leader, will study the reproductive-biology of the small pelagics in Lingayen Gulf to determine the spawning season of the dominant small pelagics as in-depth basis for fisheries management initiative in Region 1. The NSAP Conference encourages all researches conducted to present for discussion and dissemination of the current status of Philippine fishing grounds. It was conceptualized to generate reliable data as basis in the formulation of policies for the management and conservation of the country's marine resources in order to attain sustainable development and exploitation.

The NSAP team of the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources in all regions attended this event to present the results of their researches in Filipiniana attire.
This was attended by scientists; stakeholders; BFAR-Central Office personnel, Jonathan Dickson, Alma Dickson and Raffy Ramiscal of MV DA-BFAR, BFAR Regional Office, project Leaders, assistant project leaders, and data analysts; and a group of
students from Mindanao State University.

The first NSAP conference was held on September 2011 at Bureau of Soils and Water Management, during which the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources
Regional Office 1 of San Fernando City, La Union
presented the current status of Pasaleng Bay, Bangui Bay, and Lingayen Gulf (marine fishing grounds in Region 1).

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