The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources – Quick Response Team (BFAR-QRT) is currently conducting reconnaissance and visibility campaign against illegal fishing practice in the marine waters along Lingayen Gulf area by inspecting commercial fishing vessels (CFV) for possible violation of RA 8550 known as Fisheries Code.

If found violating, QRT will be sending a letter to the owner and boat captain of the CFV inviting them to report at BFAR-Regional Fisheries Office I. There the OIC-FRLED will be talking with them about the violation committed against RA 8550.

This interception is done in a diplomatic way so as to build a friendlier atmosphere with the fisher folks.

Also, the BFAR-Regional Fisheries Office I (BFAR-RFO I) conducts a 14-day two-phased training on scientific examination caught through underwater explosion to new batches of credible and active fish examiners.

There is a need to create a pool of accredited fish examiners because of the increase of municipal and commercial fishing boats operating in the Ilocos coast and rapid growth of coastal population who are dependent on the sea, the promulgation of Fishery Administrative Orders and other fishery laws, rules and regulations.

They newly trained fish examiners will replace vacated fish examiner posts and serve as expert witnesses in court on dynamite fishing case.

They will also be the counterparts of the Local Government Unites and Non Government Organizations in terms of fishery law enforcement.

The training is composed of lecture-discussions, workshops, and written and practical examinations. The results of examination in Phase 1 will comprise 70% of the total rating and shall carried over and added to the results of the post-evaluation test (Phase II).

The training is done once a year.


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